Secured Single Sign-on

You can sign in with your organisational email credentials noted in the welcome email from Direct

For users not holding a Microsoft account please contact Danoffice IT for login through preapproved public static IP address as 2-factor-authentication.

As a customer you get

Direct Overview

Great overview is ensured with direct access by intuitive navigation.Ad refinements to all ongoing cases to enable track-and-trace functionalities

Direct Shop

The Direct Shop provides intuitive facet navigation on all products in order to support selection of the best suited solutions

Direct Access to LTAs

Holders of long-term-agreements will have direct and easy access to own and associated contracts making requesting very effective and giving users full transparency on solutions within the organisations

Direct Reports

Direct Reports with various charts, numbers and indicators of the cooperation gives a clear and easy manageable outline. The statistical report function is a solid foundation to ensure ideal procurement flows